Tips in Selling Your Home

Once you have decided to sell your villa, townhouse or any real estate property, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. We guide you through sales – step by step.

Evaluate the value of the house

Before selling your home, you probably want to know what you can do for it. Which of course also indicates what you will be able to afford to move to. The value of the house is dictated by various factors. Location, style, and condition are just a few. Different ranges vary in popularity, which affects the supply and therefore also the price.

You can also turn to a broker for a valuation. Many dealers offer free values ​​without connecting you to anything.

Choose a broker

There is no requirement that you hire an agent to sell your house, but there are many things to keep in mind – such as valuation, advertising, viewing and contract writing – and by hiring a trusted broker, you reduce the risk of problems.

When choosing agents, trust and local knowledge are important factors. Feel free to meet some different dealers and look at how they present their other items to determine what"s best for you. Notify the broker about your terms of sale – such as if something is not included in the sale and what you intended for the date of entry.

Obtain facts about your home

All documents such as mortgages, floor plans, and all other relevant information about the house are needed. Most real estate agents will present a questionnaire for you to fill in. Be careful when you write on the list and try to put yourself in the buyer"s chair, the more information your buyer has, the safer will be your business.

There may be limit cases about what is considered as building accessories or movable property. Then you should agree on this in writing. If you as a seller want to make an exception for any fixed attachment, this may be possible, but only if you and the buyer agree and if it is included in the contract. Please discuss this in detail with your broker.